Monday, January 3, 2011

Let that guilt trickle down your face and slit up your heart. It is much too late to help you now sweetie. Pavement smoothing out in front of you…Now, tell me again, does this horror leave you restless at nap-time?

You’re the not so sweet guy; the one with soft blue eyes; and lips so frail - they could pass for dust; the one never believed in what lullabies promised, terrible lies like true love and the reassurance that all the liar, liars burn in fire. You see in black and white. Truth is; I’m glad you can’t see in colors, because then you might finally realize that I’m too much for you to handle. Because if I tell you, you won’t believe me.

You were a streetlight in a starless city and because I had never seen a star, I thought you were beautiful. I wanted to watch you for the rest of my life, like judgment would fall in love with invincible walls; but I learned soon enough, you were just fire in a cage.

The truth is; I really feel nothing for you. I can throw it all away. Just watch me

No, you don’t know the first thing about me. And I can see how it bothers you when I slip; when I’m a little inconsistent. But you’re always asking, wondering who’s hiding beneath my skin. But let’s be honest, we know he’s not.

You are the crazy kind of beautiful; the free kind of sound waves that radiate from lies, infecting anyone who wants to be. Affecting anyone who wants to be. You live in the moment like you know you’re going to die, you don’t make any plans for the future like they tell you you should. And I like that.

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