Sunday, May 27, 2012

Casseroles: pots and pans protest from Montreal goes viral

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Most people find it hard to think of a mothers day present because they think that their mom already has everything that she could possibly want. But thats not always the case! Mom's truly are heros and deserve much more recognition than they get! Considering that buying gifts for other people is a really good talent of mine, I can give some advice to all those people who are lost and don't know what to get their mom for mothers day.

My favorite gift:

These bracelets are not only gorgeous, but they support an incredible cause. Each bracelet is hand made by a working woman in Nepal. I can guarantee your mother will love these bracelets, especially when she hears that they were hand-crafted in Nepal! These are perfect for this seasons bright colors.

1 bracelet - 15.00$
3 bracelets - 35.00$

Other options:

A set of 10 fragrance samples that includes a voucher for a full size bottle of perfume. You test out all of the samples, then when you decide what one is your favorite, you go to Sephora, fill out the voucher and get the full size bottle for no cost. This is such a perfect idea. I also love the little travel perfume case that it comes with!
Your mom will love this if she likes perfume, makeup, and is fashionable for her age.
Price: $50.00 ($90.00 value) 

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with the candles from Bath & Body Works. They all smell beyond delicious! Every time I light these candles people compliment me on them. They come in tons of different flavors. If your mom is a traditional & stereotypical mom, she will love these.
Price: $20.00

Breakfast in Bed
Who doesn't love breakfast in bed? Its a classic. Spend some time and make your mom a nice breakfast!  If you want to be adventurous and make her something delicious that you haven't made before, you will need to practice before you make it for her. 

Here is a recipe for the perfect pancakes!