Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rainy Days!

The weather has been quite depressing out lately. Its been so gloomy and raining non stop for the past few days! Its also supposed to rain all week. Hopefully that means that good weather is coming!

I have so much homework I should be doing, I have like 3 ISU's and things are just so stressful. Things with Connor have been going very well for the past few days, so thats a good thing. It was like we were in our honeymoon stage again :)

I'm going over to Connor's house today and were going to this restaurant in the village, its really cute! Its like a little hotel sort of thing. It will be romantic.

This week I'm doing the 30 hour famine, all of the proceeds go to World Vision. So far I have $52 to donate! Fundraising is so much harder than last year! Last year I went fundraising door-to-door for 2 hours and I got $117. It seemed like every other person would donate, which is such a fantastic thing! But this year, we went out for 3 hrs and got $12! How terrible is that? It seemed like nobody wanted to help us out. People were so rude too. Oh well, at least I raised $52. I should be proud of myself.

On Tuesday I'm going with my English Literature class to Stratford to go see King Arthur. Were going for the whole day, so its kind of exciting! I have no idea what King Arthur is about, but hopefully its good.

Baby Chinchilla's in wine glasses

Donate to Japan

Donate to the Red Cross to help Japan!

Saturday, May 14, 2011