Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Reasons Why Women are the Better Sex

5 Reasons Why Women are the Better Sex

1. Behind the Wheel

2. Gambling

3. Working the Room at a Cocktail Party

4. Handling your Joint Finances

5. Getting a Secret out of Someone

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things have been very stressful lately. Last night my boyfriend and I were both in bad moods then I had to walk all the way home from his house, at like 9:30 at night. Let me remind you that it was -15 degrees celcius last night...

Then this morning I got a ride to school, but once I got there I realized I hadn't taken my pill. So I had to run home as fast as I could. It wasn't that bad though, because when I got home my dad said he would drive me back to school & excuse me for being late.

There has also been so much schoolwork. But when do I ever get a break with school? Never. Nobody does.

Next week I'm going to California with my family for spring break! We will be going to Laguna Beach, Los Angles, San Fransisco, and all those other wonderful places. To be quite honest I'm not too excited for the part where I have to wear a bikini and all my summer clothes. Since I've gained 20 lbs I don't really feel like putting on a tank top & short shorts. Especially since I was so skinny in the summer and none of my clothes will even fit me anymore. But I'm excited to go on vacation. I really need this.

Tim Hortons is starting to serve smoothies

TORONTO - Tim Hortons will soon begin serving up smoothies in Canada as it attempts to shoulder its way into a trendy and growing but fragmented market for the healthy crushed-fruit drinks.

The restaurant chain that made its mark on the Canadian consciousness with the less-than-healthy combination of coffee and doughnuts plans to add pre-blended, mixed berry and banana strawberry fruit smoothies to its menu starting Monday.

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I personally think that the only reason Tim Hortons is going to serve smoothies is to compete with Starbucks frappacuinos. The only cold thing you can get from Tim Hortons in the summer is an iced cap, and those aren't even that good. Frappacuinos seem to be extremely popular, like every time I am in Starbucks (no matter what time of year) theres always someone there getting a frappacuino.