Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tim Hortons is starting to serve smoothies

TORONTO - Tim Hortons will soon begin serving up smoothies in Canada as it attempts to shoulder its way into a trendy and growing but fragmented market for the healthy crushed-fruit drinks.

The restaurant chain that made its mark on the Canadian consciousness with the less-than-healthy combination of coffee and doughnuts plans to add pre-blended, mixed berry and banana strawberry fruit smoothies to its menu starting Monday.

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I personally think that the only reason Tim Hortons is going to serve smoothies is to compete with Starbucks frappacuinos. The only cold thing you can get from Tim Hortons in the summer is an iced cap, and those aren't even that good. Frappacuinos seem to be extremely popular, like every time I am in Starbucks (no matter what time of year) theres always someone there getting a frappacuino.

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