Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Memories

Volunteering at the Relay for Life at the end of grade 11 with Jerrod and Carine

Going to Shadow Lake with the Air Cadets, sharing a room with like grade 7's, cleaning the cabins and carrying furniture around, playing football in the freezing cold, then going cross country skiing. The cross country skiing was pretty hard and rigorous but I only fell once and had a total blast. I will definitely do it again!

When Shannon Clarke-Black was presenting her ISU in Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology, her topic was abortion and she showed a movie where this girl was getting an illegal abortion done and I fainted and David Broda caught me, then handed me to Connor. How embarrassing.

In November all the art students went downtown to go see this play called 'Studies in Motion: the haunting of eadweard muybridge' which was so amazing. There were a lot of nude people in the play. Right at the beginning a bunch of nude men were dancing across the stage, I always wondered how a naked mans body looked when he moved and it was extremely weird at first. I was sitting beside Carine and Jerrod, and Carine and I couldn't stop giggling for the first 5 minutes. It made me really realize that the human body is the most beautiful thing in the world.

On my birthday Connor got me this really adorable coach purse and matching little wallet. I cried! I just didn't think at all he would have such good taste and know me so well.

Christmas Connor got me this adorable bracelet from Ben Moss, its kind of like a charm bracelet and it has a little key dangling on it, and the key has little hearts as the teeth. I cried when I got it. He also gave me a box of chocolates from Laura Secord, these chocolate caramel balls from Laura Secord, and an adorable pair of pajamas from La Vie en Rose that are powder pink and say 'dream' all over them in cursive. The top was too big though so I'm going to have to return it. But I loved my gifts and it made me realize how well he knows me.

In September this woman came into our visual arts class and we made shadow boxes. I did a field landscape with little flowers in the front. It is my first piece of artwork that I actually love! I want to make another one soon.

Connor and I went downtown in the fall and we went shopping in the Eatons Centre. We each bought to American Apparel sweatshirts. We went to this restaurant in the Eatons Centre called Mr Green Jeans and it was so good. This random woman was sitting beside us wearing sheepskin boots and decided to tell us her life story. She was a nut to say the least. I got my fettucini alfredo to go and I put it in my American Apparel bag, and on the train ride home we realized it spilled on the hood of my new sweatshirt! Oh well, it didn't stain. Oh and also on the train ride home, I was kissing and caressing Connors cheek, putting my hand under his sweatshirt, etc. and he was getting so embarrassed because people were watching. Later on he told me how turned on he was though and I know he totally loved it.

Connor and I were watching sex and the city in my family room and somehow we smashed heads so hard.

For moms work christmas party we went to the science center, and instead of dad coming Connor came. We went to the whale exhibit and the mythical creatures exhibit and one other one and thats it. We had a huge lunch/brunch as well. It was fun.

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