Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Memories

This girl has been my BFF for years. We were partners in crime. We have so many memories its insane. Esther and I are very alike. Both of us are extremely lazy, food is our passion in life, we are so sarcastic, our sense of humor is the exact same, we have to push ourselves to accomplish tasks, we always leave things until the last minute, and like I could just go on forever. I can't even count all the days at 8:00 AM I would receive a text from this woman saying "I'm still in bed..." to which I would reply, "me too...". Then we would walk our sorry late asses to school and I'd get you to forge a note for me. But all of that changed when at the end of August you moved. Honestly I didn't even know what to expect, you had lived across the street from me for so long it just didn't seem real to me that you weren't there anymore. School was so different without you this year, I missed you insanely. It just wasn't the same. I hate myself for letting us drift apart a little. But even if we don't talk for months, I know that I could just call you and it would feel like no time went by at all. Thats how good of friends we are. We don't need to constantly talk, because we just know we will always reunite. I love you so much.

These absolutely incredible people are my art friends. I call them that because I met them through art class. This year I really became friends with Carly, Mara and Jerrod. In grade 10 I had art with Carly and Mara and I don't think I said one word to them. Carly's locker was right beside mine that year and she told me she remembers me saying to her "your wearing stripes, plaid, and polka dots.". I don't recall saying that, but it sounds like something I would say, hahahaha! That just really makes me chuckle. Then in grade 11, in Ms. Bell's class, I was assigned to sit beside Carly, I was so intimidated by her because she is like an amazing artist! But then we became great friends and I told her all my secrets and we would laugh our asses off all class. Mara and Jerrod would move their seats over and sit at our table, along with Teresa and Esther. But then this semester Esther and Teresa are gone, so its just Carly, Mara, Jerrod, and I in painting and drawing together. These 3 people are honestly the most awesome people, the inspire me to the be the artist that I truly am. They know all of my weaknesses and strengths. I never thought I would be friends with people like them for some reason, but I am SO glad that I am.

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