Saturday, April 14, 2012

Officially had my last class in first year of university!

I can't believe that my first year has pretty much ended. Its honestly crazy! I can't believe I made it to this point. This year I really noticed that no matter what happens, the world always keeps spinning, with or without you. You just have to keep on treading and make the best out of every moment. 

I've had some really good times recently. Going out with Jannis to frat parties, meeting my best friends boyfriend, going on adventures downtown, and so many more. I'm going to miss all those late nights of working on a project late at school with my best friends, KK, JJ, and Jannis. Yeah its stressful in the moment, but looking back it was all so worth it. 

School wouldn't even be an option if I didn't have these people. I would seriously die of boredom in a lecture without Kristen or Jannis, and how could I ever edit things without Jeff? It wouldn't be any fun if Jeff wasn't there for me to gross out! Who would I play pranks on Kristen with? I wouldn't have anyone to give my leftovers to! I love these three people to death and I wouldn't be here in this place right now. You guys have made my first year bearable! 

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