Saturday, March 10, 2012

March !

Wow, I can't believe Valentines day was a month ago... I can't believe I have survived this long! Midterms are over and I'm not as stressed. I think that university makes everyone insane. They drown us in homework and mentally the fuck the shit out of us so its like I've worked so hard, I can't fail now. 

Its crazy where things are with my ex. Who ever thought that I would be writing this? A year ago I NEVER thought this was how things would have ended. I thought I was going to be with this guy forever, like legit get married and have kids. Now I realize how wrong and naive I was. We weren't right for each other in the slightest. I know there's another guy out there for me! I want to be able to be myself around this guy. I want him to love me for the genuine me. 

Next weekend is St. Patricks day, I'm hopefully going to be partying friday night and saturday night! So i want to go clubbing at the place called 'on the rox' on Friday, then on Saturday night go to a St. Patrick's day kegger at a frat house downtown. I can't wait to dress up for St. Patrick's day! I have this huge project due this week, so going out two days in a row will just end it off fucking perfectly! 

Recently the Joseph Kony campaign has come out and it went really viral. Pretty much everyone knows what it is. All I can think is wow, this guy is so terrible. How could one man cause so much pain? Nobody stopped Hitler when he was killing millions of people, we need to stop this guy before he kills anymore. Over 30 million child soldiers have been taken by Kony. I personally think being a child soldier is worse than just dying. I could never kill anyone/anything. I would rather die. Kony does not deserve to live.

We need to get this fucker If we all come together and raise awareness - we can get this guy. Also, trend #KONY2012 on twitter. Post the video on facebook. Put the poster up all over your city. Send the video to everyone in your family. The following link is to the official KONY 2012 website. It tells you all about the non-profit organization Invisible Children, the organization is running the campaign to get justice and put Joseph Kony to an end. 


P.S. I really want to get either a pet turtle or a pet frog. Hopefully next time I blog I will actually get one!

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