Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Already.

Wow, it is amazing how fast time flies.
So much has happened to me since my last post.
I'm in love now, well I am falling in love. His name is Connor.
I completed grade 12 university english in summer school, I finished with an 80%. So now I will have 2 spares this year, because I advanced.
I gained a bit of weight, but what can you expect? I've been sitting at home and not getting much exercise at all. I'm only at 111 lbs too, so its not even that bad. I'm much more comfortable with my body than I used to be. I used to obsess about it, and now I barely even notice it. I'm trying so hard to improve my mindset.
I'm currently reading 'the kite runner' and so far I am on page 26. I really enjoy it. It is really interesting to me, it provides insight into a culture that is a mystery to me.
I haven't done much this summer, but thats okay with me.
Tomorrow its my boyfriends seventeenth birthday. I got him a burgundy hoodie from American Apparel. I really hope that he likes it!

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