Friday, November 27, 2009

only 6 more weeks till exams!

Wow, i can't even believe how fast the time flew. I can't believe that its already the end of november. Things have been very stressful lately because i have so many ISU's and exams coming up. I have to start studying hardcore, starting this weekend. Usually i flunk all of my exams because im just not that type of person who can remember a lot at one time. So this year i have to change that!

Today representatives from Land over Landings came to my environmental science class today and it was pretty interesting. I mean I already knew all of the info because we learned all about it in the previous unit, but still.

Its so great! In english we had to hand in our ISU essay outlines two days ago and we got them back yesterday. I got 10/10! Perfect! Only me and one other girl in the class got perfect. She wrote 'well done' on mine. Then she told the class if they need help come look at mine because mine is a perfect example of how to do one, i was dying inside i was so happy. I worked daysss on that essay outline, i was so proud to get 100%. It was honestly so great.

Well i have to do some research on prison systems for my law ISU, so I'll try to blog more often! Ohh, im getting 86% in law and 74% in math. My law mark went up!


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